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Self employment suits you, working for yourself allows you to better follow your dreams.
We are your co-workers and teammates, who will remain loyally by your side to ensure your success in all ways.
Do you have ideas? The drive? The self-discipline required to be your own boss?
Does Self-doubt make you hesitate? Lov Cosmetik assures you that you have what it takes, we will guide and support you along the way, as long as you follow through with action your success is assured. Fully commit to you new business…. pre-set bundles to get you started on your journey. What are you waiting for?

The ”The Platinum Elleebana/Lash Tribe Bundle” was developed to meet the needs of many of our Lash Trainees. At Lov Cosmetik our focus is simple, to provide the most comprehensive eyelash and brow trainings to all professional artists in Canada. Lov Cosmetik aims to empower women to provide them with the best brands in the world and catapult their skills accommodating all types of working women with busy schedules, and those who learn better in a self paced environment. Lov Cosmetik unique training opportunities give you the chance to work directly with an industry pro and build a brand they can be proud of and become savvy business owners.

Please note that this bundle is only available in Canada

By choosing to book the Classic | Volume | Lash lift kick start bundle you will save over 30% on all three courses

Regular Price $2,036
Package Price $1,400
Save over $600

You will receive 3 certificates.. For details on the courses and modules, please refer to the individual course descriptions.

Kits not included