Elleebana Lash lifting meets health Canada standards, an elegant, simple, high performing and quality treatment for your lash wardrobe.


It’s taking the beauty industry by storm, it is an inexpensive way to retain clients who can’t tolerate lash extensions, and to diversify your lash/service menu.


The ultimate beauty is to work with your own lashes.


The procedure takes about 20 minutes and is performed in 2 easy steps.


Our water-based glue fixing the eyelashes on the silicone rods creating a bend.

Step 1: Is the process cream which will create the lash to curl, this step also contains lanolin which nourishes/treats/conditions and cares for the lashes.

Step 2; Setting lotions: sets and keeps the lashes beautifully curled up to 9-12 weeks. 


We recommend to finish the procedure with Belmacil lash tint + an Ellevate mascara


Results: lovlicious lashes; longer appearance, thicker due to the curve that fills the entire length of the eye. 


 It is the latest and greatest absolutely safe innovation in cosmetology


Sign up today for a course with founder Otto Mitter in Toronto from Australia on April 26th

$550.00 plus kit