Who doesn’t want to generate enthusiasm, create new clients and build loyalty? That is exactly what Belmacil& Elleebana lash lift will do for your spa/salon.
(This product is designed for trained professionals only)


From Glittering Grace to Beyonce the Blue, Vivacious Violet to Raunchy Ruby, the Belmacil women are a colourful crowd!

Dispense with the dull, ignite your imagination and transform your client’s look. From the subtle, to the daring, Belmacil can help you unleash your client’s potential and reveal their true character.

Offer your clients more ways to banish the boring than ever before, with the extensive range of eyelash tints from.

What is Belmacil ? 

Authority in lash & Brow tinting formulated in Switzerland produced by an Australian lash guru.

What does it do?

Transform your lashes by customizing a perfect color.Choose from a beautiful selection of 10 vivid tints.

  • -Black
  • -Blue Black
  • -Dark Brown
  • -Honey Brown
  • -Graphite
  • -Violet
  • -Blonde
  • -Brow Lightening cream
  • -Red &Green (Create your own colour)

Each 20ml tube offers OVER 100 applications per tube, costing a few $ per procedure!

Our color charts provide a range of recommendations for all hair types/colors offering a perfect personalized color per client.

Belmacil + Elleebana One shot lash lift.

What better way to enhance your lash services than offering your clients the latest technique and revolutionary 

Lash lifting is an elegant, simple, high performing and quality treatment for your lash wardrobe. It’s taking the beauty industry by storm, it is inexpensive way to retain clients who can’t tolerate lash extensions, and to diversify your lash/service menu. The ultimate beauty is to work with your own lashes.

What does it do?

The procedure takes about 20 minutes and is performed in 2 easy steps.  Our water-based glue fixing the eyelashes on the silicone rods creating a bend.

Step 1: The process cream which will create the lash to curl, this step also contains lanolin which nourishes/treats/conditions and cares for the lashes.

Step 2: Setting lotions: Sets and keeps the lashes beautifully curled up to 9-12 weeks.


For an extra 10 minuteswe recommend to finish the procedure with Belmacil lash tint.


lovlicious lashes; longer appearance, thicker due to the curve that fills the entire length of the eye.  It is the latest and greatest absolutely safe innovation in cosmetology. 

LOV Academy offers

One-on-One live online training with a Trainer: for lash lift and lash tint! BUY NOW or In-Person training for lash lift/Tint: Find a trainer in your area  (One kit is included for all private training courses. Additional kits may be added for a fee).

Final certification once you meet company standards.

The benefits with adding a tint after the lift is it adds color to the lashes, great for blondes or redheads. You can also incorporate the lash lift with our Semi-permanent Mascara as it mimics mascara on the lashes but lasts 2-3 weeks and the curl from the lash lift allows your clients to have curly lashes with the perfect coat of mascara. You can also offer your clients a set of lash extensions which works perfectly with the Lash Lift. If your clients have very straight lashes, the extensions may have a hard time adhering. This is due to the curl of the extension. The Lash Lift will open up the client’s eyes and add more curl, giving better adhering space for the extension.


Receive your training hands on anywhere in Canada. To reserve your spot we require a $325 non-refundable deposit upon booking, the remainder of the balance is due 2 weeks prior to your scheduled class date. We accept E-Transfer, PayPal  made payable to Lovcosmetik.

Not able to attend our course in a live hands-on class?  We offer online training via Skype for our Belmacil + Elleebana one lash lift System. If you are interested in our online training please contact [email protected] for more information.

  • Theory
  • Consultation
  • Hands-on
  • Contraindication
  • Review exam
  • Marketing material


Note that the same topics are covered in our online training.

Coming Soon!

Students will need to complete a total of 3 models to receive certification. You are required to complete 1 in class, and then an additional 3 models outside of class to receive your certification.

Model submissions are to be sent to [email protected] and will be responded to within 5 business days due to the high volume of submissions we receive. Please note weekends are not considered business days. We appreciate your patience.

Coming soon !



We require full payment or $325 non-refundable deposit
required when booking.




We require full payment in order to
schedule your online training date.



Coming soon*

We require full payment in order to
schedule your online training date.





45 Min one-on-one on-line
with a trainer

Maybe you’ve already taken a Tint and lash lift course, but want to use Belmacil and Elleebana products in your salon or spa. We have you covered take our conversion course for only $130.00 (must purchase lash lift starter kit $219.95 + lash tint starter kit $219.95 for a total of $569.900)


Please Note: The remainder of the total balance is due 2 weeks prior to your scheduled training date. Deposits are non-refundable. Deposits can be etransfered one time . There are no refunds on training and no refunds or exchanges on the products included in the provided kit.


  • Belmacil & Elleebana Lash Lift Starter Kit
  • (Except for conversion training)
  • Marketing Material
  • Access to our private FB Support Group Team
  • Listing to the Online Locator**
  • Belmacil & Elleebana Certificate***


*Taxes not included. All prices are in Canadian dollars. See sales representative for more information.

**Students are required to submit their contact information to [email protected]to be added to the online locator.

Lov Cosmetik will issue your certification once you have completed a total of 3 approved case studies (models)


october, 2019

Elleebana lash lift | MARCH 14th

Elleebana Henna brows | APRIL 1st

Everlasting brows PMU eyebrows | MARCH 16,17,18th

Everlasting brows PMU lips | MARCH 19,20th

Everlasting brows PMU eyeliner | MARCH 21,22nd

Everlasting brows microblading | APRIL 08,10th

Everlasting brows MICROBLADING | MAY 1,2,3rd

Everlasting Brows microblading | MAY 05,06,07th

Everlasting brows microblading | JUNE 17,18th


Deposits, Final Payments Refunds & Exchanges: Your paid class deposit is included in the course price, balance of the payment must be paid 2 (two) weeks prior to your date of training. You will be provided an online link to pay your remaining balance. Please note deposits and final payments are non-refundable the full course price to be paid in full in order to schedule course date(s). There are no exchanges or refunds of products provided in class or in the kits received in class. Any additional products purchased after training can be returned within 3 days and must be in original state. A 25% restocking fee will be charged if items are returned without a reason.