Best Trainers for Everlasting Microblading in Toronto

As one of the hottest semi-permanent make-up trends on the rise in the industry, microblading achieves natural, fuller brows. Becoming a microblading technician is becoming more popular with beauty professionals than ever before, enhancing their skill set while being able to provide a wider range of treatments to high-end clients.

By completing a microblading training Toronto based course, you’ll be able to offer the technique as part of your services, highlighting to your clients just how beneficial this safe eyebrow enhancement is.

Each hair is manually drawn on where it’s missing in the brow, blending in with current hair and skin tones. It achieves a fuller, shaped eyebrow that’ll last for up to 18 months. After this time, the colour pigments start to fade, leaving the natural eyebrows remaining. Clients can come in and receive a microblading top-up once this starts to happen.

By joining one of our courses, you’ll receive:

  • A place on an advanced 3-day training program (materials provided) with the Canadian distributor and trainer for Everlasting Microblading
  • The theory behind this revolutionary procedure, as well as practical training
  • Training from a team of microblading professionals who use the best techniques in the industry
  • Your own starter microblading kit
  • A certification of completion to confirm your ability to perform microblading on clients

By the end of the course, you’ll have the confidence you need to safely carry out microblading techniques on your clients.

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LOV Cosmetik Microblading Training

Finding the Right Microblading Training Toronto Course

Before you decide to add a new technique to your professional skill set, it’s important to understand why your clients may be asking for this technique and how it will benefit them.

Microblading is popular with clients for its semi-permanent qualities and natural look. Such desired results are achieved using a handheld microblade to scratch the outer layer of the skin so that the pigment sits superficially.

Microblading benefits include:

  • Removing the hassle of applying make-up each day.
  • Crisp, hair-like strokes have a more natural effect than just filling in the full brow.
  • Pigment colours are matched to client skin tone, natural brow colour, and hair growth direction.
  • Long-lasting for up to 18 months before the pigment fades.

Finding the right training course is so important for beauty professionals so that they can receive all the skills needed to perform the technique safely and to a high standard. A course which misses out any theory or practical elements won’t give you what you need to succeed. It should be held over a couple of days to allow enough time to cover the aspects needed and be run by qualified, trained microblading experts who have experience in the field.

LOV Cosmetik Professional Beauty Trainers and Distributors – Top Microblading Training

LOV Cosmetik are proud to be the Canadian provider of Everlasting Microblading eyebrows training.

We have an international team of educators who have brought together the very best techniques from around the world. LOV Cosmetik became passionate about microblading after attending semi-permanent make-up courses and eyebrow enhancement seminars with some of the biggest industry names. We’ve armed our instructors to train you by bringing together the best techniques in our one-of-a-kind microblading training classes which you can now take full advantage of.

Along with the knowledge and skills you’ll acquire during your training, we also provide high quality materials for you to use and your own starter kit which has everything required to hit the ground running.

In your Everlasting Microblading training kit, you’ll receive:

  • A case, calliper, tool holder & manual
  • 3 practice skins
  • 2 microblading manual tools
  • 5 pre-drawing pencils
  • 5 eyebrow pigments
  • 100 microbrushes
  • 10 pencil razors
  • 10 disposable eyebrow shavers
  • 30 disposable eyebrow measuring tapes
  • 10 disposable pigment rings + 50 pigment cups
  • 100 skin/brow prep-pads
  • 100 microblading blade selections
  • numbing creams + gel
  • Aftercare leaflets & 10 aftercare sachets

As the Canadian distributor for Everlasting Microblading products, you can restock using our pro shop.

You’ll also receive an official certification to show you’ve completed your microblading training.

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