The Course

What is it?

Lash lifting is an elegant, simple, high performing and quality treatment for your lash wardrobe. It’s taking the beauty industry by storm, it is an inexpensive way to retain clients who can’t tolerate lash extensions, and to diversify your lash/service menu. The ultimate beauty is to work with your own lashes.

What does it do?

The procedure takes about 20 minutes and is performed in 2 easy steps.  Our water-based glue fixing the eyelashes on the silicone rods creating a bend.

Step 1: Is the process cream which will create the lash to curl, this step also contains lanolin which nourishes/treats/conditions and cares for the lashes.

Step 2; Setting lotions: sets and keeps the lashes beautifully curled up to 9-12 weeks. 
We recommend to finish the procedure with Belmacil lash tint + an Ellevate mascara
Results: lovlicious lashes; longer appearance, thicker due to the curve that fills the entire length of the eye. 

 It is the latest and greatest absolutely safe innovation in cosmetology

Lov Academy offers

One-on-One live online training with a Trainer: for lash lift and lash tint! ‘”BUY NOW” or In-Person training for lash lift/Tint: Find a trainer in your area  (One kit is included for all private training courses. Additional kits may be added for a fee).

Final certification once you meet company standards.

The benefits with adding a tint after the lift is it adds colour to the lashes, great for blondes or redheads. You can also incorporate the lash lift with our Semi-permanent Mascara as it mimics mascara on the lashes but lasts 2-3 weeks and the curl from the lash lift allows your clients to have curly lashes with the perfect coat of mascara. You can also offer your clients a set of lash extensions which works perfectly with the Lash Lift.

If your clients have very straight lashes, the extensions may have a hard time adhering. This is due to the curl of the extension. The Lash Lift will open up the client’s eyes and add more curl, giving better adhering space for the extension. This can be done immediately after a lift all residue must be thoroughly removed.




Achieve the highest education and gain in-depth knowledge of Lash Lift and Tint techniques to provide your clients with the best results.


Gain hands-on experience by working with live models in
order to achieve the confidence you need to provide this service to your own clientele.


Understand how to set up each station whether you are working from home, travelling to a client, or running a pop-up shop. We will teach you how to look and be professional no matter your location.


Capture that perfect shot with our grab your attention social media perfected tips and tricks. Understand the product cost breakdown to ensure a long and abundant career offering the exciting service of Lash Lifting.


Learn how to compliment your client and build trust in your knowledge for the best client experience.
Discuss current state and condition of their lashes, as well as desired finished look to ensure the best look and health of their lashes.
Learn to use a complete table of contraindications & cautions as the best reference to ensure the health & safety for your client. Understand how to administer and the importance of a proper patch test for your clients to guarantee consistent wow factor results.


Gain an understanding of the maintenance required once the lash lift process is complete. This knowledge will strengthen your confidence and leave your clients feeling great about their choice to have their lashes done by you.

What’s Included

  6 Hour Training
  Lash lift Kit
  Marketing Material
  Lash lift Certificate
  Access to LC support Team

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Elleebana One Shot Lash Lift

Click the “Register” button to reserve your spot with a $325 deposit. If you’re interested, but can’t register today, click the “Hold My Spot” button, we will hold your spot for 48 hours.


Taking into account you can achieve 30 treatments from your student kit One Shot Kit, the income potential is $2080. Your time and craft is worth allot!

Have your clients fall in LOV with their own lashes all over again. With the fastest and most simplified perfected technique, this very well could become your favourite service to offer in your salon/spa.

Also feel like part of a family with the LOV cosmetiks team, partnered with Elleebana to ensure your super star reputation in your field with advanced training and the highest standards in quality.

IF you are taking your course in a location in person hands on as we call it the course is 680.00 plus tax

If you take your course online with a Live trainer with you each step of the way the course is 580.00 plus tax

If you have trained with another company we have the option of a conversion course at $130.00 plus tax because every lash brand work differently and to best understand the brand, hot it works and to provide safe treatments for your clients this training is so well done comprehensive and made to make you feel safe.

Lash growth serums can be problematic on some clients when having lash lifts. As growth serums extend the growth phase of the lash this can have some differing results on your lifts. You may need to consider if your clients come back in 6-8 weeks for a new lift they may reduced processing  times to avoid stressing the hair.

Do you have to use Belmacil with Elleebana or can another brand of tint be used?

Our relationship as co-producers of Belmacil lash and Brow tint range ensures we are able to take part in product trials and have performed extensive testing on Elleebana combined with Belmacil. We cannot rely on other tint brands to provide us with formulation changes within their range. They are all actually very different ,both the tint and oxidant ingredients vary and some contain particular ingredients that can result in a lift dropping on some clients.So you must use at your own risk with caution.

You can absolutely start your career in the beauty industry with this service. Having the skill set to apply Lash Lift & Tint services is highly sought out. Plus, we will teach you how to market yourself effectively to create your own beauty brand. Take a look at our other courses as it never hurts to have more than one skill and will make you an even more sought out expert.